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We like to think that Green Car Group is an ambassador of change, if you will, a company that has long worked within the disparate and sometimes contentious automotive and environmental realms to find common ground. The early years of the green car movement were often ones dominated by ‘noise’ as automakers fought regulation that would constrain business and environmentalists pushed hard for lessening the car’s impact on our environment, regardless of the detrimental effect this would have on the auto industry. Today’s world has evolved, and while these competing interests may continue to be at odds, common ground – and common sense – has increasingly come into play.

Our mission now, as it has been from the beginning, is disseminating information, encouraging a move toward sustainability, and making sense of the regulatory, environmental, and societal forces that are ever-shaping the automotive world. And we share our insight with our trusted clients so they can better compete in this evolving environment.

Leading the Green Car team is Ron Cogan, who has spent the past three decades writing about cars. He has driven advanced technology vehicles on test tracks and public roads, along the way analyzing their benefits and shortcomings, evaluating their technologies, and weighing their market significance. Understanding a new model’s unique approach to the market has been enhanced through dialogue with designers, product planners, and auto industry executives responsible for vehicle development programs. This kind of long-term immersion builds a depth of knowledge and understanding that’s of real value to efforts beyond publishing a magazine or website.

A solid foundation in auto journalism has provided deep roots in the auto industry. Decades of participating in media events of all types – from seminars and new product roll-outs to technology deep-dives and track-testing new vehicle models – has brought a keen grasp of how vehicles and technologies can, and should, be presented to media, consumers, and government entities.

Cogan is expert at seamlessly communicating in the intersecting and often complex worlds of automobiles, energy, and environment. To do this well requires a thorough understanding of how these diverse worlds interplay, a skill that he has been honing since the launch of Green Car Journal as a consumer and industry resource in 1992. During this time he has been a trusted consulting resource for Fortune 100 companies and smaller firms alike, including such clients as Audi, Chevron Technology Ventures, Chrysler, Electric Power Research Institute, General Motors, the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Honda, the Sierra Club, the Society of Environmental Journalists, Volvo, and others.

This expertise is available to you as well. Whether your need is product or communications strategy, dealer education, media kits, or event planning, we have a solution for you. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals.

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